2015 09 16

Komax Alpha 355 – Crimping machine installed succecsfully

Alpha 355 – Crimping machine

Long time anticipated High performance fully automatic crimping machine Alpha 355 installed at Electronic House! Short setup and changeover times, integrated quality measurements, and top performance are the three main features of the Alpha 355 fully automatic crimping machines.

  • Short changeover times

  • Reliable process monitoring

  • High production output

  • Setup of next job while production of current job is underway

Cutting    Cutting      
Cut pulled strands Cut pulled strands
Full strip Full strip both sides
Half strip Half strip both sides
Double sheath cable Triaxial cable
Intermediate strip Intermediate strip
Crimping Crimping cc
Hot stamp marking Hot stamp marking with strip
Inkjet marking Inkjet
Sequence Sequence cc
Double crimping Double crimping same crimp
Split cycle for closed barrels Split cycle both sides
Seal insertion Sealing both sides