EC Support

Letter of Information

EU Support – efficient help to business

Project code: number S-VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-03-035


Project performer: UAB ELECTRONIC HOUSE

Source: according to performance statement VP2-2.1-UM-04-K “New possibilities” from the2nd priority of 2007-2013 year of the program of Economy development of Lithuania “Business productivity increase and development of better business conditions”

Task: to increase the productivity of the company

Place of implementation: Vilnius

Start of the project implementation: 1 June, 2011

End of the project implementation: 19 December, 2012 

               UAB Electronic House is one of the leading wire harness specialists and contract manufacturers in the Baltic States. The owners of the company have initiated the above stated project to enlarge sales volumes and grow export possibilities for further successful activity.

               The main goal of the project is to enlarge the productivity of UAB Electronic House in the Scandinavian market and to search for new customers in Germany.

               EU support is the efficient way of the implementation and profitable investment. The received support allows the company not only to reach the goal of the project and results, but also the long-term task of the company, as well as ensures the further successful development and competitive progress.

               During the implementation period at UAB Electronic House the main goals were reached, that is, the promotional materials to be used for the exhibitions were prepared, as well the company took part in both exhibitions „Hi 2011“ Herning (Denmark), „Elmia“ Jopkoping (Sweden). Those two held exhibitions are well-known in the world and for this reason the prepared promotional material spread there was of great help in gaining popularity abroad, as well as making UAB Electronic House products known.

               The introduction of the product range produced by UAB Electronic House in the world-known exhibitions is directly connected with more prominent results. Participation in the exhibitions gave the company a good opportunity to present the products for the new markets and to get ready for export. UAB Electronic House expects to expand its business activities in Germany, the USA and Norway.

               After the implementation of the project it would be ensured that the continuity of the reached results would be preserved. The company would keep on investing into new project development and do its best to increase the sales in Lithuania and other foreign markets. Not only the assets of the company, but also the resources of the partners and other means would be used to ensure the efficient growth of the project. After the project is over the company will aim to follow the taken goals: export development, increase of the competitive ability, working efficiency.